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March 8, 2021

Get Customized Panel Interface Connectors for Precise Applications with GracePorts

Mar 8, 2021, 00:01 AM by Nick Schiltz | Grace Technologies

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GracePorts are panel interface connectors that are fully customized to meet your precise application. This is what sets a GracePort apart from other communication ports. They have the ability to create a custom-built GracePort that can include special text, cut-outs, cable lengths and your company logo, all in just a two-to three-day lead time. Assembled in the USA and created just the way you want it.

GracePorts® relocate a panel’s communication ports from PLCs, Industrial computers and VFDs, from inside the panel to the outside so you can easily access them without exposure to any electrical hazards, while maintaining a cabinet’s UL ratings. They can be easily mounted on the door or the side panel and are 100 percent customizable.

These programming ports provide safe access to PLC control panels through closed doors. With a wide array of components, Grace can insert virtually any connection into your unique GracePort. They also carry power options to meet the needs of international customers. Lastly, numerous housing types are available with environmental ratings such as Type 3R, 4, 4X, and 12.

The GracePort+ Human Machine Interface (HMI) protective housing complements the existing line of GracePort components and GracePESDs by conveniently placing them within a large protected housing. The cover kit features a strong and rigid design that mounts securely to the outside of an enclosure and makes accessibility to electronic components easy.

The GracePort+ is designed to provide protection for HMIs from dust, dirt, oil, water and other environmental contaminants found in the industrial setting. The standard GracePort+ HMI cover is UL Recognized and UV Rated for outdoor applications.

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